our bootcamps

  • JavaScript Fullstack

    Application is now closed for the class of Winter 23. It will reopen in January for our Summer Course.

    JavaScript runs everywhere; browsers, phones, cars or even your TV. Anywhere you connect to the internet - JavaScript plays a vital role. JavaScript is also a viable, scaleable and enjoyable platform to work with on the back end through Node. Using cloud platforms you can use the same technology on both the front-end and the back-end when building your applications.

  • Java Fullstack

    Deadline for application: November 11th

    Java has built many of the applications that big startup names are running on (Klarna, Spotify etc) - and also big banks and insurance companies are running much of their business critical and performance sensitive things on Java. Java developers have been in high demand since the mid-90ies - and will continue to be sought after since Java is still evolving.

  • .NET Fullstack

    Deadline for application: November 11th

    .NET has undergone big changes the last couple of years and is now leading the back end development world with the advent of .NET core. A lot of big companies have invested heavily in .NET for their systems (internal and external) and will have to rewrite them, as well as continue to develop new features on the application. It’s never been a better time to be a .NET developer.