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Join our unique Dotnet Bootcamp and learn from the best.

The School of Applied Technology (SALT) is a training provider offering full-time, 13-week bootcamps in full stack development at campuses in Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Oslo. SALT offers courses focused on Java, .NET, and JavaScript. Students are also taught mob programming and Agile methodologies.

.NET can be used to create desktop applications, web applications, mobile apps, cloud-native applications, games, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Because .NET has such incredible breadth, it’s sought after within many industries. A .NET programmer will find themselves extremely in demand.

At the same time, .NET is just a framework. To produce an end product with .NET, a developer has to know one of the corresponding languages — C#, F#, or Visual Basic.

The Selection Process

Step 1 Submit your application at the end of this post.

Step 2 You will receive a personality & logic test in your email to complete (my advice is to find a nice and quiet place when doing it).

Step 3 The recruiters will review your application and your test results and if you’re a suitable candidate they will give you a call.

Step 4 If you do great on the phone interview, you will be invited to a 1-hour remote group interview.

Step 5 If you pass the group interview, you get invited for a final collaboration workshop onsite in our HQ.

After the bootcamp

When you successfully finish the bootcamp we will organize an amazing graduation event for you and your fellow students. From that moment on you are a Full Stack developer and you will be a consultant for one year. Our goal is to get you permanently hired by your new company after that year.

what do previous students say

The face of the author of the review

After working as a market analyst for some time, I decided it was about time to pursue an old dream of mine, becoming a developer. Three intense, challenging, and, foremost fun months passed by in what felt like seconds.

Josephine Hedman - Winter 2021

The face of the author of the review

Salt turned my life around. After years being a hobby coder, the bootcamp was the perfect launching platform for my career. It taught me not only key concepts, but also the importance of co-operation and helped me land the dream job I was looking for.

Matteo Cinti - Fall 2021

The face of the author of the review

I applied to the Salt program in order to follow my creative passion and learn how to properly write code. Now after three short months I work as a Fullstack Software Developer at a growing company and I couldn’t be more excited for the future!

Sebastien Kronlund - Fall 2020

Our Bootcamp Curriculum

Our bootcamp lasts 13 weeks and roughly you will go through 4 phases becoming a Full Stack Developer. Click on the items below to see a short description per phase.

The Introduction

In this block you will learn a lot about working in a professional mob. We will also do a flyover of all the technologies that we are going to touch on later; JavaScript, front-/backend programming, HTML, CSS etc. But also ways of working like Test Driven Development (TDD) and mob programming. You will also do demonstrations of your code and retrospectives. It's a whirlwind tour through the program.

The Foundation

The foundations continue to work with our ways of working and speed, but now we going deeper in each topic. You will learn all about the JavaScript and TypeScript, asynchronous programming with callbacks, promises and async/await. Pretty soon though we will look into writing backend REST-ful APIs using Express. We will then turn to the front-end and look into CSS, Flexbox and Grid, do a few days on UX and even some days on managing your career, doing interviews etc.

The Building Blocks

Once we know the foundations of being a fullstack developer we can now learn the current ways to do things; we call it building blocks. We are still working with mob programming, TDD etc. but now look into things like React, Redux, Next.JS, databases, docker, serverless, CD/CI etc.

The Final Project

Now you know everything to build something yourselves and the last two weeks are exactly for this; take an idea from scratch to a finished product. We still work as mobs and in two Scrum-like sprints. The end of the bootcamp is a graduation day where we celebrate the hard work being done and also demonstrate our finished products to the other people in the bootcamp, as well as to potential clients. You are now a fullstack JavaScript developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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