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  • Java Fullstack

    This career program is currently not open for applications.

    Java has built many of the applications that big startup names are running on (Klarna, Spotify etc) - and also big banks and insurance companies are running much of their business critical and performance sensitive things on Java. Java developers have been in high demand since the mid-90s - and will continue to be! Read more in the job ad and apply today!

  • .NET Fullstack

    We are now open for applications

    Now open for applications!

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    .NET has undergone big changes the last couple of years and is now leading the back end development world with the advent of .NET core. A lot of big companies have invested heavily in .NET for their systems (internal and external) and will have to rewrite them, as well as continue to develop new features on the application. It’s never been a better time to be a .NET developer! Read more in the job ad and apply today!

  • JavaScript Fullstack

    We are now open for applications

    Now open for applications!

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    JavaScript runs everywhere; browsers, phones, cars or even your TV. Anywhere you connect to the internet - JavaScript plays a vital role. Javascript is also a viable, scaleable and enjoyable platform to work with on the back end through Node. Using cloud platforms you can use the same technology on both the front-end and the back-end when building your applications.




Apply to our accelerated career program based in Stockholm to become a Full Stack Developer and get a job within our hiring network of companies. Download our Career Pack for more information!

our partners

    • Znipe Esports

      Listen to Daniel Reed, a former digital marketer turned full-stack JavaScript-developer through SALT, talk about his experience working as a frontend developer at Znipe Esports, a company building an end-to-end streaming platform for the e-sports industry.

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    • Launch event - Amsterdam

      Our Head of Curriculum & Quality, Marcus Hammarberg, holds a keynote about how you can become a professional developer in just three months. Can it really be done?

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    • Epicenter

      ’’In our 12 week immersive on-site bootcamp students go from novice to an autonomous Full Stack JavaScript developer working directly with companies in the Epicenter ecosystem.’’

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    c# / javascript will be the most sought after coding languages over the next 3-5 years

    we teach you how to code and how to work in a real life agile dev team

    demanding and accelerated training and career program

    europe needs 500 000 new technology professionals

    our instructors want you to succeed and will be there every step of the way

    build real products and prototypes for real tech companies during your training

    our career changers

    • alumni photo

      After working as a market analyst for some time, I decided it was about time to pursue an old dream of mine, becoming a developer. Three intense, challenging, and, foremost fun months passed by in what felt like seconds, and now I will have the honor to work as an instructor for the same bootcamp that I just completed.

      Josephine Hedman

      Winter 2021

    • alumni photo

      Salt turned my life around. After years being a hobby coder, the bootcamp was the perfect launching platform for my career. It taught me not only key concepts, but also the importance of co-operation and helped me land the dream job I was looking for.

      Matteo Cinti

      Fall 2021

    • alumni photo

      Before Salt I worked as a service technician at The Swedish Parliament. I applied to the Salt accelerated career program in order to follow my creative passion and learn how to properly write code. Now after three short months I work as a Fullstack Software Developer at a growing company and I couldn’t be more excited for the future!

      Sebastien Kronlund

      Fall 2020

    • alumni photo

      During three intense months, Salt gave me the tools I needed to pursue a career as a developer. The teachers provided great support and guidance, and learning by doing not only gave me practical experience with coding, but also the courage to write my own projects from start to finish. Doing the bootcamp has been a fun and educational experience, and helped me achieve my goal of becoming a fullstack developer.

      Marie Winther Madsen

      Spring 2020

    • alumni photo

      Before Salt I worked as a digital specialist. For someone with two degrees from previous studies, Salt was something completely different. It's high intensity, you get a new task to solve daily and you're in a group of like-minded people working toward the same goal. It was definitely worth it - Today I'm a developer at a company that build apps to help users reduce their energy costs and environmental impact.

      Tommy Berggren

      Spring 2020

    here's how it works:

    • Send in your application and explain why you are the passionated hobby coder we are looking for
    • Make it through our recruitment process: tests, phone interview, group interview and workshop
    • We sponsor your 3 month full-time coding education
    • Upon graduation we get you a consultant position within our hiring network with a 30,000 SEK per month salary
    • After doing a kick-ass job for 12 months, the intention is that you will be employed at your new company.

    diversity in tech

    Social Responsibility

    SALT is striving for a richer diversity in the European tech industry. We believe that professional organizations should mirror the population's diversity. With our accelerated career program we aim to increase the number women and new Europeans in tech.

    the founders

    • founder photo

      Richard Andemark

      CEO at SALT

      At age 25 Richard launched a global SaaS company's operations in Finland as Managing Director, reaching profitability in just six months. At 29, Richard launched Donya Labs' American operations in San Francisco as GM, achieving exponential revenue growth and the company was acquired by Microsoft.

    • founder photo

      Koshi Hamedi

      Director of strategy at Microsoft, Co-founder at SALT

      Founder of Donya Labs and Director of strategy at Microsoft. Koshi came to Sweden in the 80's as a refugee. Through his entrepreneurial drive and determination, he built one of Sweden's fastest growing technology companies and established the company as the global market leader. Donya Labs was acquired by Microsoft in 2017.

    • founder photo

      Max Hamedi

      Professor at KTH & Harvard, Co-founder at SALT

      Postdoctorial research fellow at Harvard University & Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Our in-house doctor and professor scanning for future technologies, driving our efforts to provide the best applicable technology training possible.