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Apply to our accelerated career program based in Stockholm to become a Full Stack Developer and get a job within our hiring network of companies. Download our Career Pack for more information!

c# / javascript will be the most sought after coding languages over the next 3-5 years

we teach you how to code and how to work in a real life agile dev team

demanding and accelerated training and career program

europe needs 500 000 new technology professionals

our instructors want you to succeed and will be there every step of the way

build real products and prototypes for real tech companies during your training

here's how it works:

  • Send in your application and explain why you are the passionated hobby coder we are looking for
  • Make it through our recruitment process: tests, phone interview, group interview and workshop
  • We sponsor your 3 month full-time coding education
  • Upon graduation we get you a consultant position within our hiring network with a 30,000 SEK per month salary
  • After doing a kick-ass job for 12 months, the intention is that you will be converted into a full-time employee at your new company