a few words about who we are

We who founded SALT are ourselves a part of the tech industry. Koshi Hamedi, one of the co-founders, built up the global 3D company Donya Labs, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2017. A success story, absolutely, but at the same time, we have seen how a lack of developers is hampering the growth of companies that want to expand. SALT is our way of doing something about this problem.

the founders

  • founder photo

    Richard Andemark

    CEO at SALT

    At age 25 Richard launched a global SaaS company's operations in Finland as Managing Director, reaching profitability in just six months. At 29, Richard launched Donya Labs' American operations in San Francisco as GM, achieving exponential revenue growth and the company was acquired by Microsoft.

  • founder photo

    Koshi Hamedi

    Director of strategy at Microsoft, Co-founder at SALT

    Founder of Donya Labs and Director of strategy at Microsoft. Koshi came to Sweden in the 80's as a refugee. Through his entrepreneurial drive and determination, he built one of Sweden's fastest growing technology companies and established the company as the global market leader. Donya Labs was acquired by Microsoft in 2017.

  • founder photo

    Max Hamedi

    Professor at KTH & Harvard, Co-founder at SALT

    Postdoctorial research fellow at Harvard University & Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Our in-house doctor and professor scanning for future technologies, driving our efforts to provide the best applicable technology training possible.