a few words about who we are

We who founded SALT are ourselves a part of the tech industry. Koshi Hamedi, one of the co-founders, built up the global 3D company Donya Labs, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2017. A success story, absolutely, but at the same time, we have seen how a lack of developers is hampering the growth of companies that want to expand. SALT is our way of doing something about this problem.

the founders

  • founder photo

    Richard Andemark

    CEO at SALT

    At age 25 Richard launched a global SaaS company's operations in Finland as Managing Director, reaching profitability in just six months. At 29, Richard launched Donya Labs' American operations in San Francisco as GM, achieving exponential revenue growth and the company was acquired by Microsoft.

  • founder photo

    Koshi Hamedi

    Director of strategy at Microsoft, Co-founder at SALT

    Founder of Donya Labs and Director of strategy at Microsoft. Koshi came to Sweden in the 80's as a refugee. Through his entrepreneurial drive and determination, he built one of Sweden's fastest growing technology companies and established the company as the global market leader. Donya Labs was acquired by Microsoft in 2017.

  • founder photo

    Max Hamedi

    Professor at KTH & Harvard, Co-founder at SALT

    Postdoctorial research fellow at Harvard University & Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Our in-house doctor and professor scanning for future technologies, driving our efforts to provide the best applicable technology training possible.

  • Björn Noctiluca

    Björn Noctiluca

    .NET Fullstack Instructor

    Björn is an energetic and curious person who loves all kinds of challenges that come with working in tech. He graduated 2022 and is integral in helping students succeed and achieve their dream of becoming working proffesionals in the exiting tech industry.

  • Bahare Sjölund

    Bahare Sjölund

    COO & CFO at SALT

    Bahare joined SALT as CFO in 2019 and has herself changed career from Nursing to Business Management. Prior to joining SALT Bahare was CFO for a fast growing Swedish healtcare company. Bahare has studied law at Uppsala University, Nursing at Karolinska Institutet and Economics & Management at Stockholm University, since 2020 she is also COO at SALT.

  • Omid Haqbin

    Omid Haqbin

    Java Fullstack Instructor

    A former UI designer, he transitioned to software development to pursue an old dream of transforming designs into code. It didn’t take him long to feel right at home in this industry, primarily because it encourages him to keep learning. He graduated from the .NET class of Winter 2022, before learning a bit of Java on the side and helps the Java and .NET team at SALT.

  • Ossian Nörthen

    Ossian Nörthen

    Pepper Consultant

    Ossian graduated from the class of Fall 2020 of the SALT-program. Before SALT he studied human behaviorism at Lund’s University. During his time as a student he took a separate online course in Software Development and found that to be his true calling. Ossian is a motivated, optimistic and future oriented person who loves to learn from other people and experiences.

  •  Magdalena Hagelind

    Magdalena Hagelind

    Senior Sales and Partnership Representive

    Magdalena is a person with a high energy level and has over 20 years of experience in sales. She has built concepts and startups from the ground up in the toy industry and is driven by building good business relationships and taking on new challenges. In her spare time, she likes to be in the stables. Several hours per week are spent on horseback in both jumping and dressage.

  • Marcus Hammarberg

    Marcus Hammarberg

    Head of Curriculum & agile coach at SALT

    Marcus has 25+ years of experience of software development on different platforms and domains. He has worked as an agile coach for companies of all sizes and traits; from banks to startups as Spotify and Tradera. Marcus has a passion for code and learning, making his role as Head of curriculum a perfect fit. Marcus has written two books 'Kanban in Action' and 'The Bungsu story' and takes every chance he gets to practice his euphonium.

  • Simon Perstorper

    Simon Perstorper

    Sales & Partnerships at SALT

    Simon is a driven individual with a talent for sales and a passion for skiing. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication from Uppsala University and University of Colorado at Boulder. Simon has co-founded two companies prior to joining SALT and is excited about helping companies and organizations grow their tech teams with new talent.

  • Johan Elmström

    Johan Elmström

    Head Instructor Java FullStack

    Having had almost every role imaginable in software related projects Johan has gained an understanding of many aspects of software development. Lately he has taken those experiences and applied them to not only build software but also help improve the software delivery process and increase automation in more of a dev-ops role. He is a huge proponent of agile methods, mob-programming and having fun at work in general.

  • Erşan Curuklu

    Erşan Curuklu

    UX Instructor at SALT

    Erşan is a highly experienced requirements analyst and UX Designer with over 15 years of experience as a digital designer. Erşan is a teacher and lecturere in the UX area, for e.g. at Bergh's School of Communications in Stockholm. Erşan has won several awards in UX/UI, including Svenska Design Priset 2014 and Resumé 2014.